save the world studio


A slow fashion & art house for the healing of our earth mother.

We face reality on this planet, open eyes and combine artistic expression with scientific information. We create actual change through cooperations with great organisations, programms and the indigenous people.

With multiple concepts and individual brands, we create change from inside.  From the source on we inspire through being consequently sustainable and honest.

Our aim is to fight with and for nature.

About the designer/founder Lars Gödeke

Lars Gödeke is a slow fashion designer, art director and environmentalist.

He works on sustainable concepts, visuals and designs in any field to make a difference. 

With his honest and authentic design he works on assignments for other brands and companies next to his own labels.

Lars aim is to work with and for nature.


2015 he graduated from fashion school. After fashion industry experience in New York City, 2016 he founded a sustainable clothing atelier - Save The World Studio in Hamburg, Germany. 

With a focus on the first merchandise for mother earth, the label World Supporting Goods kept growing organically on a mindful way. 

2019 he began the sourcing for a new born second-hand label called SLOW 2020 with the plan to launch in 2022.

After that, Gödeke´s plan is to work on his ready-to-wear collections - the way he started his environmental activist-like designs on full outfits with a high quality. Always with the focus on environmental issues for a more conscious consumption worldwide. 


*This studio used to be named by the founder Lars Gödeke and was changed to "save the world studio" on May 10th 2020.